This is the online portfolio of Victor Ruz, spanish industrial designer with 10 years of experience. Many of the products here have been designed in my own company, which I create in 2008.

I am a product designer with a strong background on industrial design and product manufacturing. I am used to wear many hats and take part on all stages of the design of a new product, from research to prototyping all the way to manufacturing.

Although I had the opportunity to design for big brands like Jaguar Land Rover or Le tour de France, I am always looking for new challenges. At this point on my career I believe that I can make a difference and thrive as a designer working for high tech companies.

All these products have not been designed by only one designer, I always work with the best surrounding team in each project. Sometimes I have been CAD designer, sometimes design manager, but I have always shown respect meanwhile the team was working.

If you are interested, we can set up a meeting, and lets create!

Smart customers, smart projects!